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This is an introduction to these collections of my essays and poetry.

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It is also an advisory.

Here is are collections of my essays written over a span of time that reflect my contemplations and philosophical inquiries regarding the process of thought and the erroneousness that seemed prevelant but undefined. These are NOT light reading. They are philosophical. Some may even considered pompus. A few are poetic prose and crafted narritive that can be pleasant reading. Most are short but the longest came to 22 pages of single spaced, 12pt type when printed. I will not present a synopsis of each one here. Just browse through and read a paragraph or two of each one. The first few paragraphs will set the theme. These are NOT entertainment reading (unless you find philosophical treatises entertaining). They mostly require close attention and sufficient comprehension to progress. I am attempting to share with readers who are ready for it, intellectual nurishment and possibly a view point they may never have thought of, yet. I do specify in these that I do not represent myself as a qualified professor nor authority of any kind. But I do consider myself a lay practioner of philosophic contemplation. My hope is that for the reader who does not have obstructive preconceptions, bias and prejudice can slug through it and find worthy offerings within. Here is also a fair collection of my best poetry. Most are short and equipped with conceits (as witty quips). I hope you find these engaging.

Jeff K.

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