Tech Notes and Other Information

This site is designed and programming with current standards for web site display. Specifically, it is authored to adhere to xhtml strict document type definitions as maintained by the W3C (world Wide Web Consortioum).

In addition: it uses so called 'table-less' layout, javascript is limited to situations where it is absolutely necessary*, and the site structure and architecture follows the MVC or 'Model-View-Controller' paradigm. Essentially, this site is a single page where all content is presented dynamically, according to the information supplied the server, either by ammendments to urls, or the use of so called 'ajax' queries. The use of frames and framed content has also been avoided, and in fact frames and framed content are not used at all. Framed content simulation is the vision of this design.

* Javascript is a scripting language used in web sites for various tasks that html and css alone cannot accomplish. Some web users turn off javascript in their browsers. Some client software will not read and execute javascript instructions. For these users, javascript is written to be unobtrusive, accept in specific situations:

** Some applications presented in the web site are written in Javascript. If the visitor wants to use them, the client software must have javascript active.

** Forms presented in THIS site will require javascript to be active for submission of input.

** Some Javascript in use here, was copied from published sources and will contain references crediting these sources in the applicable source files.

Separate windows will only be opened with javascript, from links, only where necessary. This is confined to some applications presented here for public use.

This site is intended to be non commercial (even though .com is the top level domain). Pop up windows are not used here.

This site is designed and developed solely by me, Jeff Killen, for the purpose of exhibiting my art, music, inventions, graphics, writing, and web design services and activities. This includes all xhtml, css, javascript, image creation and preparation for inclusion here, Flash content, Action Script accompanying the Flash content, and server side programming and site administration. I am self supporting and operate, primarily, as a hobbyist, though I am available for commissioned work. I have been pursuing the subject of computer graphics since 1996 and web site design, programming, and management since 2002. I am self taught, primarily, though purchase and study of published work on web design, html, css, and various programming languages, both client and server side.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope you enjoy my offerings

What follows are tech notes regarding site status, development progress, and noteworthy changes to content and functions.